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The Bridge to Rembrandt

In print and e-Book


Welcome to my website. You've landed on the page for my 

new novel; historical fiction, time travel and a sprinkling of romance through the centuries. Take a look at the other pages for more about me, and news and reviews.

So, for more about the book, here's the text you will find on the back page of the cover. Inevitably, space on the jacket is limited, so here's a little more for those who would like to understand more about the origins, and a bit about the history in the book.


The book was originally written in English, but is also available in Dutch (from October 2021).

Jacket text:

"When Robert crossed the bridge, he wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. He was on the way to meet his girlfriend, but when he reached the other side, she didn’t know who he was.


Robert finds himself thrown back in time, further and further, reliving the history of Amsterdam through war, riots and the plague. Each time, his fate is bound up with the same woman, and with the work of the Netherlands' greatest painter, Rembrandt. Robert is caught in a race against time. Will he make it back to his normal life? Or will he be trapped in the past with his discovery as his insulin runs out?"

This brief description is a teaser about the basic premise of the story. Our main character, Robert, has found himself in all kinds of relationship and business liability problems when he is thrown back in time. He starts reliving some of his own history, but also the history of other centuries. While the time travel may deflect from his own problems, he finds himself exploring the history of Amsterdam when a lot was happening – a massacre, violent riots and the plague during the time of Rembrandt.  

All along, Robert is faced with the concurrent dilemmas of how he is going to get back to 2019 before his insulin runs out, and with the amazing discovery that he makes in 1664 with Rembrandt and one of his former students.

The tale is a journey through the history of Amsterdam through the eyes of a modern traveller who is constantly revisiting a relationship with his girlfriend – or is it his girlfriend? In the process, he finds he is becoming a changed man.

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